Ultimate Food Club
Ultimate Food Club

Our customers' words say it all!

Some responses from our Ultimate Foods customers

"We have served the Piedmontese Beef as both steaks and burgers to our guests at dinners and bar-b-ques and have gotten rave reviews from all our guests."
- Stan, Port Murray, New Jersey
"Now I know how beef should taste." - Joe, Sterling, Virginia
"I've been buying from you for over 10 years and I wouldn't buy my meats for my family anywhere else."
- Mary, College Park, Maryland
"Everything simply tastes better."
Karen, Hillsborough, New Jersey
"We love the convenience of home delivery. Every piece of meat is great and our family is very happy with your products - they are so much better than those at the supermarket."
- Vince, West Islip, New York
"I knew your all natural products were good, but at a recent party at my home, my guests asked where I got the Piedmontese beef. Two of them are now your customers. Thanks for the great beef."
- Chuck, Hackettstown, New Jersey
"My brother is a chef. When he was over a few weeks ago for dinner he not only said this is the best beef I've ever tasted, he made me take him to your store to check it out."
- Barbara, Independence, New Jersey.
Ultimate Food Club