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Tagliata alla Fiorentina

Serves 6

2 New York Sirloin steaks 22 oz or 4 New York Sirloin steaks 14 oz, cut to desired thickness
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
8 oz large mushrooms
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
6 fresh rosemary sprigs, left whole
6 fresh sage sprigs, left whole
2 lemons, quartered

> Preheat grill to very, very hot; or preheat the broiler to high for at least 20 minutes; or preheat the oven to 550 F for at least 30 minutes.
> Liberally sprinkle steaks on both sides with salt and pepper, pressing seasoning into the meat with your hands. When grill is hot, place steak on the hottest part of the grill until charred outside and blood-rare within, turning once, about 5 minutes per side. While steak cooks, sprinkle the mushrooms with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Arrange cap-side-down on a medium-hot area of the grill until lightly charred on outside and soft within.
> Using a grill-safe pan, heat the olive oil on medium just until it begins to smoke, watching carefully. Remove from heat and immediately add the herbs, letting them fry for a moment in the oil.
> When the steak is cooked, let rest 5 minutes. Slice across the grain in 1/4" strips and arrange on a platter with the mushrooms. Season with salt & pepper and squeeze the lemons over the steak. Pour the herb oil over the steak, including the herb sprigs. Serve immediately.