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Authentically Natural Production =
Hormone & Antibiotic Free Meat

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the production attributes of the foods they eat - especially regarding the introduction of hormones & antibiotics. Knowing that the meat you purchase is from a top quality, verifiable source is one way to increase the peace of mind that health minded consumers are seeking. We here at Foods are committed to supplying alternatives to the traditional meats that are purchased at a typical grocery store.

Certified Piedmontese products deliver an exquisite wholesomeness that reflects the legendary spirit of the West. Every cut of our meat has a full-flavored taste and juicy tenderness that is achieved by honoring their legacy of high ranching standards and resource stewardship, including:
  • Raised without the use of antibiotics
  • Raised without added growth hormones
  • Raised only on vegetarian feed - absolutely no animal by-products
  • Source verified by Certified Piedmontese to working family ranches

How Authentically Natural Meats are different

Today, more and more companies are discovering the benefits of producing "natural meats." The consumer's desire for more wholesome, hormone free and antibiotic free meat is driving the availability of these products at an ever increasing pace. We here at Ultimate Foods have partnered with Certified Piedmontese to provide our consumers with the highest quality meats possible produced under the strictest of economically prudent standards. When you purchase Certified Piedmontese meats, you can rest assured that the meats you receive will be INTEGRITY CERTIFIED to the strictest production standards.

This rapid "Natural Products" growth is not without its freeloaders and imitators. Educated consumers are recognizing that "Natural Meats" can mean many different things to the numerous different companies producing them. Understanding the differences in the production standards is the key to assuring that you are "getting what you pay for." Consumers that purchase their meats from Ultimate Foods insist that our meat products are the result of individual integrity and high standards.

For meat companies to claim their products as "Natural", the only USDA requirement for this term is that the meat must be "minimally processed / no artificial ingredients." Under this approach, almost all commodity meat produced could be labeled "Natural." In addition, there are many ways the USDA allows companies to claim that their meats come from animals that are antibiotic free. Consumers are often confused with labels that claim:
  • No Antibiotics Administered
  • Never fed sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • Tested free of Antibiotics
  • No Antibiotic used in 120 days and so on.
Concerned consumers must insist that their meats be labeled "Raised without the use of antibiotics." This labeling term means that no antibiotics of any sort have ever been mixed into the animal's drinking water, added to the animal's feed, stationed in the animal's pen to be licked, and/or injected into the animal's body. This is the gold standard of "Natural" claims, and the cornerstone of Certified Piedmontese Beef.

Market studies confirm a growing number of consumers are looking for meat products that adhere to a strict protocol regarding the use of hormones, antibiotics and source of origin. Certified Piedmontese has a long range plan that will satisfy this consumer demand while providing significant growth opportunities for the family rancher.

All Certified Piedmontese products carry their "Integrity Shield". This icon is their assurance that every aspect of their operation will be handled with honesty, fairness, and respect. Their forefathers built a legacy by doing business this way and they are morally committed to carrying this legacy forward. They won't do it any other way.

Certified Piedmontese production protocol requirements demand that their natural meats are:
  • Animals must be raised on vegetarian feed only (no animal by-products).
  • Animals are hormone free (i.e., cannot receive supplemental growth hormones or steroids at any time from birth to harvest).
  • Animals are antibiotic free (i.e., cannot receive antibiotics of any kind from birth to harvest).
  • Any animal that becomes sick and is treated with an antibiotic immediately becomes ineligible for our program and must be properly identified.
  • Signed affidavits verifying all feeding practices, health treatments and source of origin are required from all producers and feedlot partners (subject to audit).
  • Producers must meet rigid testing standards for feed and water quality.
  • Animals must be humanely raised and handled safely at all times.
  • The use of USDA animal health and welfare vaccinations required.
  • Producers must maintain accurate and auditable records for review.
  • Producers and feedlots will receive periodic visits from Certified Piedmontese personnel to verify requirements are being fulfilled.
Certified Piedmontese is committed to building a natural meats company that exemplifies the values and heritage of the traditional working family ranch. We at Ultimate Foods would never accept anything less.

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