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Free Range Pork

Free range pork is becoming highly sought after. Not only is the taste superior, the health benefits are indisputable. Simply put, we believe that free range pigs make for healthier, better tasting pork. When animals are cared for properly, and given a supportive, all natural environment in which to live, the food they yield is healthier. There's more, however, to the notion of free range than simply making the animal happy and healthy. The health of the consumer plays an even bigger role.

Free Range Pork: Enhancing Healthy Lifestyles

The case for free range pork is becoming a better one for so many reasons now that we, the meat buying public, are becoming more and more health conscious. Most of us are aware of the antibiotics animals are given. The conditions under which meat producing animals are raised play a large role as well.

The pigs provided by Ultimate Foods are wholesome because of the animal husbandry that we insist on. No antibiotics or artificial growth hormones are administered to our pigs. They are fed only healthy, vegetarian feed. They are allowed to live in large pens where they are highly mobile and stress free. Our pigs are never cooped up in cages or forced to endure stressful living conditions. As a result, we believe this is the healthiest pork you can buy.

This is why free range pork makes sense. Ironically, we are simply rediscovering a method of raising animals that many cultures have been practicing for centuries. Before pigs became an industry, they were a simple means of sustenance. Pigs were fed natural food and allowed to live in wide open spaces as a general rule. With Ultimate Foods, the same is true. Free range is about more than just the health of our livestock. It is all about the health of our customers too.

We work in cooperation with Pioneer Pork LLC to provide assurance to our consumers that the following production protocols are met & surpassed:
  • Only vegetarian diets are used, never are there any fed animal by-products.
  • Audited by the American Humane Association for Free Farmed label standards.
  • Third party audits by Steritech for harvest and processing facilities.
  • Maintained animal identity from birth through harvest.
  • Never use sub-therapeutics antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones.
  • Animals that require treatment are tagged and removed from the program.
  • Pork production (farrowing, breeding and gestation) utilizing a free-range production system that is environmentally friendly. Animals can express their natural behavior while having a low environmental impact due to the rotational land usage.
  • Production system that weans young pigs at 28 days or older.
  • Production system's post-weaning and finishing system that utilizes bedded facilities with outdoor access.
This is the standards required to be called Authentically Natural Pork.

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