Ultimate Food Club
Ultimate Food Club

There are definitely benefits at Ultimate Foods!


  • Tenderness & taste - An all vegetarian diet and stress-free environment allows our meats to be more tender and flavorful than factory farmed meats.
  • More meat (less waste) - We remove the excess bone and trim the fat by hand before we ship it to you.
  • Save money (eat and entertain at home) - You can order these meats for home, gifts or special occasions - the only difference is that you pay about half of what you do dining out.
  • Safe Handling - We are a USDA facility, which means your order is handled under stringent U.S. government guidelines. Your meat is never exposed to unnecessary handling or abnormal temperatures.
  • Vacuum-sealed to keep flavor fresh - Our "Sta-fresh" packaging is far more durable than supermarket shrink-wrap. Your order is vacuum-sealed for extended freshness and protection from freezer burn or refrigerator odors. This allows your meat to retain its flavor for a year or more in your freezer without absorbing unpleasant odors. As long as the seal is intact, our packaging keeps meat delicious and prevents damage from frost.


  • Nutrition - Meat is low carb. When it comes to eating smart, our products are naturally healthy because they are low fat, low in cholesterol and high in protein.
  • No added growth hormones and no antibiotics ever administered - Our livestock and poultry are raised in a humane environment where they have room to roam and graze naturally, free from the stress of overcrowding. Studies show strees-free animals are healthier and grow naturally to full size by themselves.
  • Natural Feed - Our animals eat only fresh selected grains and grasses that contribute to their wonderful tenderness and flavor. You will quickly realize why five star restaurants have said "this is the best meat I have ever tasted".
  • Trackability - In a world of unidentified alternatives, it becomes increasingly important to consistently verify your food sources. We can guarantee that our Montana Ranch Brand beef, pork, lamb and bison will be absolutely source-verified to their ranch of origin.


  • Delivered direct to your home - You can order by phone during business hours or on our website 24 hours a day. If you live in our service region, your order can be delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In fact gift packs can be sent overnight anywhere in the USA.
  • Packaged for perfect portions - Our meat cutters make the perfect size portions for your needs. The fat is trimmed and bone removed so that you get only fabulous tasting cuts of meat for your family with very little waste.
  • Fast and easy to prepare - As the original fast food, you can BBQ or put our cuts in the crock-pot for easy to prepare meals any time of the week. You don't need to go any farther than your freezer.
  • Five Star foods in your refrigerator - These meats truly are special. All natural meats provide tenderness you can cut with a fork and flavor that makes your mouth water and never gives you that over-stuffed feeling.
  • Easy to plan meals - because the portions are perfectly packaged, you know exactly how many servings to expect and how long to cook them. Shrinkage is minimal due to naturally lower moisture and fat in our meat.


  • Order by phone or Internet - Simply phone your order in during business hours or use our website 24 hours a day to make your selections and schedule your delivery time. Your customer service rep will contact you if you have any special needs.
  • You'll love it or we replace it - We guarantee that you will absolutely love your order. If you don't, we will replace any cut you are not happy with. It's that simple.
Ultimate Food Club